Tourist Places

Kuno-Palpur National Park

The Palpur-Kuno wildlife sanctuary

Category Natural / Scenic beauty

The Government of Madhya Pradesh recently declared Kuno as a national park, covering an area of ​​404 square kilometers. After…

Sheopur fort

Sheopur Fort

Category Historic

The historical origins of Sheopur Fort suggest that a Jain pillar edict dated 1026 AD shows the existence of Sheopur…

van khandeswar

Vankhandeshwar Temple

Category Historic

This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is counted among the oldest temples in India. Evidence related to history suggests that…

Gohad fort

Gohad Temple

Category Historic

Just 45 km from Gwalior, this fort is very popular among the tourists visiting here. The fort of Gohar was…

baranaso jain temple

the Jain temple of Baranso

Category Historic

Along with Hindu religious places, you can also visit the Jain temple of Baranso here. It is believed that this…

Mata Renuka Temple

Mata Renuka Temple

Category Historic

Apart from historical sites, you can also plan to visit religious places here. You can visit the Mata Renuka Temple…

Fort of Ater

Ater Fort

Category Historic

Bhadavar was an ancient Bhadravarta kingdom in the Mahabharata period. Mahat Kantar (Hatakant) Vindhyatvi (Ater) and Vindhyakanan (Bhind) are its…


Bateshwar Hindu Temple

Category Historic

Bateshwar Hindu Temple is a temple of about 200 sandstone Hindu temples built by the Gurjara kings in Morena district…

Shanichara Temple

Shani Chara Temple

Category Historic, Others

Shri Shani Chara Temple is the devasthan of the Madhya Pradesh Government Religious Trust and Control of Religion Department. Sri…


Kakanamath Temple

Category Historic

Kakanamath Temple, Morena district has many unique ancient temples built in Gurjara Pratihara style. Among them, the Bateshwar Hindu Temple,…