Bateshwar Hindu Temple

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Bateshwar Hindu Temple is a temple of about 200 sandstone Hindu temples built by the Gurjara kings in Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, these temple groups are early Gurjara-Pratihara style temple groups of North Indian temple architecture. It is about 35 kilometers (22 mi) north of Gwalior and about 30 kilometers (19 mi) from Morena city. The temples are mostly small and are spread over about 25 acres (10 ha). They are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti – representing three major traditions within Hinduism. The site is within the fort of the Chambal river valley, on the north-western slope of a hill near the pedestal known for its prominent medieval era Vishnu temple. Bateshwar temples were built between the 8th and 10th centuries. The temples as they now appear are in many cases reconstructed with ruins of stones, in a project commissioned by the Archaeological Survey of India in 2005.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Gwalior Airport which is located about 30 kilometers from Morena, about 80 kilometers from Bhind and about 210 kilometers from Sheopur district.

By Train

There is a railway station in Morena and Bhind district and Sheopur is connected to Morena and Gwalior via narrow gauge.

By Road

All the districts are well connected by bus. Tourists can take vehicles on their own or on rent as all the tourist places are well connected by road.