Mata Renuka Temple

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Apart from historical sites, you can also plan to visit religious places here. You can visit the Mata Renuka Temple here. Honored as the birthplace of the valiant warrior sage Parashurama, this temple is dedicated to Mata Renuka. According to a legend, Parashurama’s father ordered him to behead his mother. Since it was his father’s order, Parashurama had to follow it. It is believed that when the father pleased and asked Parashurama to ask for a boon, he said that he wanted his mother alive. Due to the mythological significance, this place is visited by devotees as well as tourists.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Gwalior Airport which is located about 30 kilometers from Morena, about 80 kilometers from Bhind and about 210 kilometers from Sheopur district.

By Train

There is a railway station in Morena and Bhind district and Sheopur is connected to Morena and Gwalior via narrow gauge.

By Road

All the districts are well connected by bus. Tourists can take vehicles on their own or on rent as all the tourist places are well connected by road.